2020: The Year God Decided to Reverse Roles (Marlene Sabeh)

2020: The Year God Decided to Reverse Roles


Redemption seems to be the appropriate word to start off this message. The world, broken by a vicious pandemic, awaits something: a breakthrough, hope, a miracle, and yes… redemption. People around the globe are afflicted with pain, suffering, and death; they have nothing else to yearn for. Meanwhile, the sacred season of Lent has subtly passed by; timid, neglected, overcome by a big monster,  leaving our souls in more need of a true Resurrection.

Here we are, at the threshold of one of the holiest days in Christianity, feeling bewildered, disheveled, and more broken than ever. Has the Lord given up on us? In our darkest hours, it certainly feels this way. Has He finally abandoned us? Most of us refuse to believe it, but some --very few-- have started to be convinced. No one has ever foreseen this reality; an unexpected and inescapable life-changing “trial”, so similar to one that took place over 2000 years ago. No one has ever imagined that we, sinners, will be asked to carry this humongous Cross on our shoulders and walk, disoriented, not knowing where we are heading, not grasping how long it would take us to get “there”, feeling vulnerable, beaten, weakened, stricken, deserted, betrayed, feared, unwanted, and condemned. It resembles a very familiar journey mastered by someone who did it all by Himself. But He did not waver, He did not doubt, and He did not turn His back. He knew there was an end, He knew there was a new beginning, He knew there was a purpose, He knew that by embracing His Cross, He would eventually accomplish His redemption and ours. Do we?

We ask ourselves: “What is so different between THAT journey and ours?” The answer is simple: Faith. We are currently being crucified every day, as we anxiously await a cure, a vaccine, or for the virus to be miraculously eradicated. We are suffering but we are doing it; not knowing why but we are. We are fighting, so fiercely, to win this global war against one common enemy. We have joined hands (figuratively) to combat a heinous disease. We have come together and collaborated, across borders, across continents, to help, support, give, and endure this existential battle. People, for once, are fusing together to win this fight and survive. How did we train for this battle? Although we seem so oblivious to it, the answer is so simple (and divine)...

The Coronavirus has given us a new hope in humanity. Despite the ugliness of its aspects, its effect on our tenacity, values, and faith is (and will continue to be) immense. This is no ordinary journey. If you can’t feel the weight of the Cross on our shoulders, wake up, look again, and dignify that we are carrying it TOGETHER. Despite the “isolation” that every country imposed, we are more united than ever, in spirit and willpower. Wasn’t this what God desired for humanity to achieve? The familiar journey has meshed us together, regardless of our background, religion, and color, and away from politics and social laws, because as we walk this treacherous path, we still hold on to our faith and feel His presence all around. We finally understand what He went through, alone, for us.

One day when we overcome this frightening monster and everything returns to normal, we, the thinkers and believers of this world have a big question to answer: If we could beat this disease, why can’t we unite and beat all other evils? Think about our power as humans, the power our Lord instilled in us. We might be oblivious to it, but we possess it.

Faith is always the answer and this year, the true Resurrection is coming from within each one of us. Imagine a world where humans stand together against one common evil. Look around you and be inspired. Think for a moment and prepare yourself. Think and rejoice: Redemption is happening now.

Marlene Sabeh

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