In the midst of a universal pandemic that no one had foreseen or anticipated, and despite its severe ramifications on local and global economies, we still see a glimmer of hope and humanity in the hearts of those who believe and never give up. Yes, I am referring to the resilient Lebanese people around the world, who are always ready to stand up and help in any crisis; to hope, love, and most importantly give. This crisis is not different; except this time, we are joining hands with millions of other people to combat the Coronavirus and… Win. This time, humanity is standing together in the face of a collective enemy, “crossing borders, races, and colors” as deftly elaborated by the man at the heart of this noble initiative, Dr. Marc Zabbal.

With the guidance of Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates H.E. Gebran Bassil who continues to validate and elevate the role of the Lebanese Diaspora, Dr. Zabbal engineered and launched the first and biggest global fundraising initiative to help Lebanon in its fight against COVID-19. And as always, the Lebanese Diaspora did not waste a minute to act and donate generously to help the Lebanese people. In addition to $100,000 donated to the Lebanese Red Cross and $40,000 to the Lebanese Army, the LACD funded a shipment from China comprising 7,200 rapid tests, personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, suits, shoe covers), and thermometers; received in Lebanon on April 3. This distinguished endeavor warrants a big THANK YOU to our overgenerous contributors namely Honorary Consul Mr. Wassim Hojeij, Mr. Selim Sessine, Mr. Dory Asy, Mr. Wissam Tarabay, and to all the donors who never gave up on our purpose to help and support Lebanon. The LACD could not have done this without each one of you!

A special thank you to H.E. Gebran Bassil, Dr. Marc Zabbal (and his dedicated team), and LACD President Elie Azar who worked tirelessly to engage the Diaspora and stand by our dear Lebanon. We are proud to continue this journey with them, as we assess the economic difficulties of this terrible pandemic on the Lebanese people… And YES! We will continue to hope, give, and support. We know that our fellow Lebanese citizens are counting on us to help and we will not fail them! WE PROMISE.

Marlene Sabeh

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