When I say heroes I mean doctors, nurses, medical care workers (Charbel Cherfane)

March 31, 2020

Our Dear Heroes,

It’s an honor for me to address this letter to you: Our heroes on the frontlines of the battle against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. The disease that evolved in Wuhan and now traveled across the globe, does not discriminate against races, religions, or political beliefs. While we know that the Coronavirus can attack anyone, we understand that it is especially dangerous to the elderly and may possibly take their lives. The only way to contain this pandemic is to stay home, quarantine, avoid public transportations, avoid contact with one’s entourage, and stay clean. 

Therefore, we are really grateful to all the people who put themselves at risk to stop this pandemic and end the state of emergency. These people have a lot of selflessness,  worry about themselves last, and have only one goal: saving everyone surrounding them. When I say heroes I mean doctors, nurses, medical care workers, the National Guard, the Army, bank employees, and grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations workers. These people are putting themselves at huge risks to serve those in need and prevent this wave from growing. 

Thank you to all of you! You are our true heroes!

 Best Regards,

Charbel Marwane Cherfane

LACD Youth Committee

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