The Ministers who Get IT Done by Marlene Sabeh

A security meeting was held today at the Baabda Presidential Palace and was attended by President Michel Aoun, caretaker Minister of Defense Elias Bou Saab, caretaker Minister of Interior Rayaa al-Hassan and heads of security apparatuses, to discuss ways to protect peaceful demonstrators and deter the groups that are committing vandalism. One wonders why caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri did not attend this crucial meeting. As a matter of fact, PM Hariri has not attended a security meeting in three months! While the turmoil increases alarmingly in the streets, luring new factions and groups that raise foreign flags and speak non-native accents, we await His Excellency to make a useful appearance/contribution to help the current situation. Yet, he did not hesitate to go on his annual vacation abroad and is extremely active in his daily and critical tweets.

Meanwhile, caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs Gebran Bassil is getting ready to participate in the 2020 World Economic Forum to represent Lebanon and acquire methods to resolve the financial mess, in the midst of a bombardment of cruel criticism and groundless condemnations. This came a week after he and the head of IDAL Mr. Mazen Sweid signed a memorandum of cooperation aimed at preparing the right studies to help attract foreign capital to Lebanon. One might ask, what is the alternative? Paralyzing the country completely and watching as thugs commit acts of pure vandalism? If (BIG IF) demonstrators are “protesting” to obtain their demands (i.e. solutions to the economic crisis and eradicating corruption), shouldn’t the politicians work exceptionally harder to grant these demands? This is exactly what Minister of Energy Mrs. Nada Boustany has been doing by fighting the fuel cartels, despite harsh and degrading criticism from Mr. Walid Jumblatt and other politicians. This is exactly what Minister of the displaced Mr. Ghassan Atallah has been doing by striving to close the Displaced Fund for good. This is exactly what Minister of Justice Mr. Albert Serhan has been doing by bringing corrupt officials to justice, under a vicious wave of attacks against him and Judge Ghada Aoun.

The question begs itself: What is the alternative?

Stay idle as the destruction and sectarian divisiveness in the streets of Lebanon continue, escalate, and become an end in itself?

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