It is not something frequently attainable or easily achieved. You don’t embark on a glorious 30-year-old journey of heroism and patriotism if you weren’t outstanding at heart, relentless at the core, unwavering at all times. You don’t get to guide a country from a palace or exile without being exceptionally adept, unequivocally superior, consistently prevailing. Michel Aoun is not a president or a regular politician; he is a phenomenon, a hero in his own right, a “school” of progressive tenets. How do you describe a leader who is unwilling to give up, reluctant to compromise, and determined to succeed? It is certainly an innate trait; inherent and inborn.


Those who believe in Michel Aoun know he will never give up. They understand that he awaits the right moment to bridge differences and take action. They are confident he will never stake the unity of his beloved Lebanon. To him, Lebanon has not justbeen a country of origin. Lebanon has been so much more, in all aspects and features. To him, it was (and still is) the source and destination of all that he sought and all that he believed in: Democracy, independence, and sovereignty. But how do you successfully lead a country of many factions, alliances, and religions? How do you dissolve perpetual conflicts and create ̶oftentimes in spite of many groups ̶an atmosphere of harmony and solidarity? How do you eradicate prejudice and build on coexistence and tolerance? How do you fight occupiers, corruption, and wars without ever compromising sovereignty? How do you wait, so ever patiently, to become president, when everyone else had lost hope? How do you imagine the future and actually fulfills it for everyone to experience and enjoy? How do you continue, day after day, to promote unity and peace despite persistent efforts to taint and hinder? I’m telling you… You don’t just wake up one day and become Michel Aoun. It is a significant and intrinsic quality by itself. A superior and unique power to bring everyone together within one country and under one administration. It is a distinguished capacity to face adversity with nobility and love. Who will do that but him? From what currently unfolds on the Lebanese political scene, possibly one other man…

This is the era of heroism, strength, and integrity. Even if you don’t understand it, you cannot but acknowledge its undeniable effect and everlasting impact on a country forever marked by Michel Aoun’s existence and achievements. This is the unforgettable era of a man who changed the history of Lebanon forever, no matter what the sideliners say.

So, no, you don’t wake up one day and become Michel Aoun. You just wait and have faith that the man will, time and again, fight to keep Lebanon united, safe, and prosperous. Just wait.

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