Forgive the Undeserving of Your Love By Marlene Sabeh

Forgive the Undeserving of Your Love

We have killed you, we will kill you again, and our world will continue to kill you. Humanity has officially failed. You were not crucified over two thousand years ago. No. We have been crucifying you every single day since. Every day, we nail your holy body on the Cross with our sins, hatred, cruelty, and betrayal. Forgive us, we cannot speak your language of love and compassion anymore. We see Christianity differently than you do. We cannot forgive, do good, be good, give, and love. We know you sacrificed your life for us, for our eternal Heaven, but we prefer to hold on to our grudges, hostility, conflicts, and thirst for revenge. It is easier this way.

Every year, you hope that we purify our souls and purge the vindictive demons swarming in our hearts. We know that you aim to make us see and embrace the light of your Kingdom—There, so evident in the innocence of love and serenity of forgiveness. Yet, we fail you and opt to deceive you instead, because it is easier to hate than redeem oneself. It is much easier to point fingers at others as we fester in our destructive insecurities. It is certainly easier to betray than to stand up for what’s right and be faithful. To you…

Judas would have never existed, if it weren’t for our weaknesses. He wouldn’t have had a chance to subsist, if it weren’t for the malice in our souls. Judas wouldn’t have survived in each one of us, had we not nurtured him and fostered his forfeited spirit. You carry all our crosses in one and we are still lost, disoriented, unsettled, living in constant uncertainty, wandering aimlessly, waiting to blame Judas for every betrayal, every disloyalty, and every deception we commit, again and again. Judas knew he betrayed you, but we don’t. We pretend we don’t. We only see your crucifixion as done for us and not by us. And we continue in this oblivion… Soon, we will rejoice and celebrate your Resurrection, but what is the true meaning of your sacrifice? What is the magnitude of your love? Do we know? We revel in your Resurrection, yet we continue to deny the infiniteness of your death, as we point fingers at Judas, not knowing that we have long renounced your love, and created a million other Judases.

Dear Jesus,

Forgive the undeserving of your beautiful Kingdom. Wait for the very few whose untainted hearts will lead them to you. It will probably take the rest of us another two thousand years to understand your sacrifice and appreciate the power of your love.

Go back to our Heavenly Father and tell Him humanity has (miserably) failed.

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