Who is with Sin Casts the First Stone By Marlene Sabeh

History does not forgive and facts are always indelible. The Bkerki initiative is, by all means, a much noble proposition; however, the circulated and suggested interpretations are irrational at best.

No. Dear political analysts’ wannabees, Minister Gebran Bassil does not need (or seek) exoneration or a mere prospect for a “clean slate”. And this is because he was never part of any religious “cleansing”, genocide, assassination, or bombing. He was never the reason for any migration or the creator of mass graves... On his hands, never was found the blood of innocent people. NEVER. What you accuse him of seeking is what the war lords of Lebanon need. All of them. So desperately. Not he.

An unjustified, unforgivable, indelible history of assassinations and atrocities, too ghastly to describe, is always unforgettable. It remains, as it should, vivid in the minds and hearts of the stricken families and all Lebanese people. “We will never forget” seems so minute in comparison to the pain those insolent war lords have indefinitely caused. History knows and carved on its pages that no matter how many years go by, how many forged speeches are thoughtlessly recited, how many attempts to distort undeniable facts are sought, and how many accusations are ever so wrongly formulated, the truth will always remain the same

Today, in Lebanon, we are attempting to move on. Move forward. Move beyond disagreements. But we will not do it at the expense of the truth or the dignity and integrity of outstanding leaders like Gebran Bassil. We will not allow anyone to taint or corrupt the truth. For someone who fought for the unity and freedom of his country, for someone who still fights for the solidarity and justice of his people, for someone who continues to work for the future of Lebanon while preserving its present, it is absolutely repugnant to even entertain the idea of his “needing” a vindication.

Vindication is coveted by those who committed heinous crimes: those who killed and murdered, destroyed and executed, maimed and tortured. Those are the ones in dire need of a vindication; one they will never acquire, as long as there are history books.

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