What it takes to be a Leader... By Christel Nassif

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…It had occurred to me recently that not everybody is a leader…. And That Leaders are mainly the figureheads of an organization where they can make it fail or succeed. Yes, those high ethical and moral standards set Leaders apart from the rest of the world, but there are much more skills to acquire. How do we frame the strategist dimension of the leader? And who can be a Leader?


            People are not born Leaders but they work on their socio-economical, educational and personal barriers to develop those leadership skills. Communication is key…key to all one on one and group decision-making. It lies in writing to be mostly clear but public speaking, actively listening and providing feedback define “communication”… where sadly, it is totally lacking these days.

People… Leave your ego at the door! And instead, work in the front-line and be held responsible for every decision you take! Accountability is More than a Test, it is excellence and equity. It gets terribly serious when the whole Nation is at stake; that’s when those political realities must be confronted and questioned. It is simple…you cannot spread awareness if you lack self-awareness.


And when it comes to Honesty and Integrity, this is where Great leaders are not exclusively those who solely get results. Rather, they ought to command respect and trust by being forthright with others. Trust is hence the basis for all the relationships in your life. Without trust, it's impossible to create healthy and productive environments, either in work or personal situations.

Speaking of relationship Building though, “Breaking bread” is an easy, and cornerstone to building relationships. So make use of this time-held tradition. Do Not Take it for Granted! Furthermore, innovative leaders take responsibility about obstacles they encounter in aim to overcome those roadblocks.

On the other side, a True Leader Develops Leadership Skills in others by appraising performances; coaching and mentoring his team. Who would not love to avoid mistakes? ... to avoid drastic mistakes?


Finally, Leadership is nothing but establishing those learning climates and guiding reflections. Typically, you cannot be an introvert, on the contrary, it is all about offering and asking for assistance to promote others and let them become the best versions of themselves.


                        …Learn and let Learn; …Live and let Live; …Fall but Rise

                                    …Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader!

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