The Resurrection of Lebanon is Coming

The best resurrection story of all is Jesus’. His was unique. Everything about Him was unique: His birth, His life, His miracles, His teachings, His suffering, His death, and His Resurrection. Whether we are of deep faith or skeptics, the Resurrection represents a distinguished component of the Christian faith―overpowering death and conquering sin.

Just like the 500 people who witnessed and wrote about Jesus’ appearances and encounters after His death, we too, are experiencing a formidable and indomitable form of resurrection. For years, Lebanon has been going through its own Stations of the Cross, and we are the devout believers who did not give up on it ̶ and never will. Lebanon and its people were once condemned to death, betrayed by several ‘Judases’, denied by ‘friends’, judged by ruthless rulers, crowned with spiky and painful thrones, burdened by a heavy cross, bewailed by spectators, surrounded by greedy thieves, denounced, crucified, and put to death after a long suffering… But now, Lebanon is finally ready for its long-awaited Resurrection, from among the swamps of war, treachery, and distress. At every ‘Station of the Cross’, Lebanon has always relied on its true believers ̶ alongside the only president who never gave up, never wavered, or compromised their loyalty to it. On the contrary, for years those heroes fought for it and will continue to do so, against all odds. No matter how many times Lebanon ‘trips and falls’, no matter how many times it gets betrayed, like Christ, it will always rise and endure. The road to Resurrection continues on May 6th in Lebanon (April 29 in the U.S.) when Lebanese people stand for the truth, partake in the decisive journey, and VOTE.

To stand by Lebanon, we all need a form of personal resurrection. Resurrection of our hopes, beliefs, faith, ethics … and patriotism. We need to renew our devotion ̶ not just in religion ̶ but also in our civic and patriotic duties, and the only administration genuinely working to save Lebanon from the claws of corruption and divisiveness. The time is now. The time is ours. As we rejoiced the Holy Resurrection of Jesus Christ, let’s be inspired and reflect on how we can resurrect our allegiance and celebrate another cherished (and overdue) resurrection ̶ Lebanon’s. On May 6th (April 29th in the U.S.), we need to believe again. We need to believe that the Resurrection of Lebanon IS coming.


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