The LACD Needs Your Help!



Dear Members of the LACD,

Our organization is rapidly growing in line with the victory of our beloved leader in the Lebanese presidential elections. With this growth comes the need for more talents to help us manage the needs of our group and also be up to par with the expectations that our president and country have from us. As such, we are currently actively looking for volunteers in the following areas and are hoping to urgently have you provide us with a bit of your time and effort in order to achieve the goals we all set out to reach:

  • 1-Content Editor: This role requires individuals that can write and publish content in the form of blogs, articles, news updates, Facebook posts, and other written resources either in Arabic or English. If you have good writing skills and the time to do so, we would love to have you on board. It is not required to have Facebook or Web skills, as our I.T team can post the articles, rather, we need the raw writing skills to create this content or edit it.


  • 2-I.T Administrator and Social Media:  We are looking for people with basic to advanced I.T skills and Social Media knowledge to help manage our several digital facets, such as Facebook, websites, Email Marketing tools, and back-end systems needed to manage the day to day of the organization. All and any skills are welcomed.


  • 3-Election coordinators: as we will be organizing the 2017 elections in the U.S, we will be looking for several individual roles per geographical regions to create local committees tasked with managing the process concurrently with the Intishar committee in Lebanon. We have several positions available and will be sending the specific requirements separately, but are looking for individuals that will have the time and resources to conduct various supervisory and organizational roles needed to conduct the elections.

Please note all of these positions are volunteer based and would require you to donate your time and skills pro-Bono.

Please send an email to if interested and include a brief CV and a summary of the desired role.


We are COUNTING ON YOU and need your help. 



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