General Roukoz's USA Visit

Retired Army General Chamel Roukoz is the former commander of the Lebanese Army Commandos Unit. He is viewed as a national hero for winning major battles against radical Al Qaeda affiliated groups who had found safe haven in Palestinian refugee camps in northern and southern Lebanon. As General Roukoz prepares to enter Lebanon's political life, he has decided to visit Lebanon's Diaspora in the US. A firm believer in the power of the people and in principles of democracy and freedom, General Roukoz enjoys cross sectarian support all over Lebanon- a phenomenon rarely seen in Lebanon. General Roukoz always emphasizes the role that the US has played in training the Lebanese army and providing it with weapons and believes that the key to stability and prosperity in Lebanon is a strong corruption-free State in which the rule of law prevails, and a strong Lebanese army able to defend Lebanon against any external and internal threats.

In 2016, the LACD was proud to honor Retired General Chamel Roukoz in different events.

- Detroit, September 17th [Click here to read more]

- Boston, September 23rd [Click here to read more]

- Washington, September 27th [Click here to read more]

- Houston, September 28th [Click here to read more]

- Los Angeles, October 1st [Click here to read more]

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