Sehnaoui Attends LACD Dinner Party in New York

On January 28, 2017, Mr. Nicholas Sehnaoui, Former Minister and Free Patriotic Movement Vice-President, attended a dinner party in New York, hosted by the Lebanese American Council for Democracy (LACD). Organized by Chapter Coordinator Ms. Christiane Merhej, the event was also attended by the Consul General of Lebanon Mr. Majdi Ramadan, LACD Vice-President Mr. Salim Sessine, LACD Secretary Mr. Joey Chbeir, many prominent figures, and LACD members from New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan, Massachusetts, and New York.

During the event, Sehnaoui highlighted the value of the FPM’s representation in the Lebanese cabinet and its positive impact on the future of Lebanon. “We are living the dream,” he asserted when mentioning the strength of the presidency. “Forming the cabinet was the first step toward a better Lebanon, but there are still many problems that we need to fix. It is a long journey and we need to keep working hard in order to prove ourselves,” he added.

When asked about the Electoral Law, Sehnaoui elaborated his vision for a functional compromise among existing laws; one that promotes unity, solidarity, and a sense of security for all religious sects. He hoped that, under the command of President Michel Aoun, Lebanon will achieve good governance, political partnerships, secularism, and true patriotism. He stressed that collaboration and solidarity are the only way to rebuild our country; a strategy currently embodied by the FPM’s pivotal position in the cabinet, due to its solid alliances with different parties. 

In conclusion, he commended the Lebanese diaspora and the Lebanese American Council for Democracy for their tenacious efforts in supporting Lebanon and President Aoun.

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